Misako Receives First River City Girls Character Spotlight

Last month we saw our first taste of a new revival for the River City/Kunio-kun franchise with River City Girls, courtesy of WayForward and Arc System Works. The latest entry in the classic decades-old beat-’em-up series with RPG elements flips things around by, as the title suggests, switching to female leads. Specifically, Kyoko and Misako, the girlfriends of original main characters Kunio and Riki. Now that the men are on the receiving end of a kidnapping, it’s up to Kyoko and Misako to save them. And if you need proof that these ladies can dish out the pain just as well, feel free to check out the first character spotlight below.

This spotlight focuses on Misako, Kunio’s girlfriend. And as the clip shows, she’s pretty brash, and seems to have a touch of bloodlust. Then again, lives are potentially on the line, so it may not be the best time for subtlety. We get to see her moves in action, enhanced by the new 16-bit-esque style, and she has the skills to back up her threats. We also get some slight peeks at both anime and manga cutscenes that will be in the game, which is a nice touch. River City Girls comes out on September 5 for all major platforms, and should hopefully be an old-school blast.