Missile Command: Recharged Coming to Atari VCS at Launch

Missile Command: Recharged hit the PC and consoles and late May, and today it was announced that the modern interpretation of the Atari classic wouldn’t just be coming to the Atari VCS – but be optimized for it. Like the early ’80s classic, Recharged tasks you with shooting down tons of missiles as they rain down from the sky. You’ll have your regular attacks alongside power-ups to help turn the tide in your favor, and the VCS version will be the only one with baked-in joystick support as that’s a default control method on the console.

Based on what’s been shown about the VCS so far, this does looks like a superior-controlling version of the game. If you want to try the game on current hardware before the VCS launches, you can do so for a very reasonable price as the game normally sells for a mere $2.99 – making it incredibly affordable on the Switch’s eShop, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the Atari VCS and see just how much better the Missile Command: Recharged experience is on the platform when it launches this fall.