MixedBag’s Forma.8 Releasing February

It’s a smaller, independant project that has long been in the works — and cropped up only a handful of occasions via Sony or Nintendo showreels alike, but at long last, developers MixedBag have finally confirmed that they’ve finished work on their latest project, the minimalistic Metroidvania Forma.8. Forma.8 finds you in control of a probe that, moments after a crash on a crucial mission, must explore the alien World its now stumbled upon. The studio has stated that they intend to release the game at some point in February of next year though when specifically remains to be seen.

The game is confirmed to be available for PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita and, most surprisingly, the Wii U — MixedBag showing no sign of either offering up a Switch port alongside or even scrapping plans for the Wii U in favor of the upcoming hybrid-console. Though not exactly the biggest studio in the World, it’s still good to see developers like MixedBag supporting the Wii U, even in what will be the console’s twilight era. You can check out the game’s initial E3 2015 trailer below.