MMA Fighter Throws Out Hadouken Before Knocking Out Opponent

Last night’s World Series of Fighting (WSOF) event brought some great fights to NBC Sports Network during a rare Thursday night MMA event. The event in Edmonton, Alberta saw a lot of interesting events culminating with a bantamweight title fight with Marlon Moraes and Josh Hill. Certainly the most interesting turn of events, however, was when fighter Shane Campbell suddenly stopped to get on his knee and blast a Hadouken at Derek Boyle.

Upon throwing out the Hadouken, Campbell began pummeling Boyle before the ref stopped the fight (far too late). Considering the Haoduken is such an iconic moves even with non-gamers, it’s amazing it took so long for one to be used in MMA. And apparently, it’s as effective in real life as it is by Ryu in Street Fighter