Mochi Bundle Now Available on Fanatical

A newly-named bundle has hit Fanatical called the mochi bundle, with a wide variety of games offered up. There are several tiers available, with $1 getting you Nusakana, The Sacred Tears TRUE, and AI DOL. Spending $3 more and going to $3.99 nets you Giga Wrecker, The Letter, and Panty Party. So you’ve got a mix of horror, visual novels, and fanservice so far. Giga Wrecker is a fantastic side-scroller and one of the most vibrant in its genre and is the best overall game offered up to this point. Going beyond that and spending $9.79 gets you all of those games alongside Harvest Moon Light of Hope SE and a slew of DLC. The modern-day Harvest Moon games don’t go on massive sales all that often – making this a very inexpensive way to jump back into that series or just pick up an entry that you haven’t played yet.

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