Modern Combat Blackout Now Available for the Nintendo Switch

Gameloft’s presence on the mobile side of gaming has been prevalent for over a decade, but their console presence has been quite subdued. A few of their games have been released on the PS3, 3DS, and PSP before – but nothing has been released from their Modern Combat series on a console in many years. Today, that has changed with the release of Modern Combat 5 Blackout, now without the sequel marking, on the Switch. This formerly free-to-play game is now $20, but with that comes the loss of all microtransactions. You pay $20 once and you have the ability to eventually unlock everything in the game with in-game currency. Modern Combat Blackout can be purchased now on the Nintendo eShop  – so for $20, you can get a Call of Duty-esque experience not only at home, but on the go as well. If it does well, maybe we’ll see the Halo-esque NOVA series or Burnout-like Asphalt series on the Switch too.

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