Modifiers, Improved Score System Coming to Sifu in Latest Update

While the consensus here may not have been as glowing, it’s fair to say that Sloclap’s latest brawler in the form of Sifu, has done pretty well for itself since its release last February. Racking up a million copies sold since it was made available across PS5, PS4 and PC via the Epic Games Store. And today, Sloclap unveiled what’s to come for fans of the game — as promised in the already-announced content road-map — in its latest free update which will arrive at the very end of this month on August 31.

First off, Sifu will include the addition of what it dubs “modifiers” whereby players will be able to alter certain attributes and conditions, to make levels either easier or more challenging depending on one’s preference. Those looking for a simpler time through the game’s story, modifiers such as infinite health/structure/weapon usage can be applied. On the flip-side, those looking for a challenge can reduce one’s health so that a single hit means death. So too enemy health and attack power can be increased, even removing one’s own ability to guard against incoming attacks. However, it’s important to note modifiers will not affect where certain weapons and other major items — such as keys to locked doors — will be placed. Meaning as far as the main story and means of progression goes, things will remain the same in that regard.

The second component to the update comes in the form of an improved scoring system. Where the game previously offered a basic score on taking down foes in a level, Sifu will now more specifically judge one’s performance based on a number of factors. Be it how little one takes damage and even the variety of moves utilised during an encounter. This month’s update is the second of what is a planned series of four updates coming to Sifu by the year’s end.