Monark Combat Trailer Wows with New Gameplay, Music

So far, curious JRPG  fans have gotten a look at both the heroes and the villains of Monark, but little has been seen of the actual gameplay so far. That’s still mostly true even with today’s trailer, but at least RPG players can now have some idea how the game will play and what it’ll look like. If one checks out said trailer below, they can get a taste of its soundtrack too.

It looks like placement and turn order are both important in Monark’s combat system, and it also seems that each character has a specific role to play on the battlefield. Based on what’s shown here, it would be surprising to hear that they function kind of like chess pieces in some ways. Hopefully more details will come soon to either confirm or deny that idea.

Monark launches on February 22 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5 and Switch.