Money Heist Event, Free Weekend Inbound to Rainbow Six: Siege This Week

From cowboys to monsters, Ubisoft’s strategic co-op FPS has experimented with a wide variety of limited time events that bring a little levity to the intense mainline offerings.

The next limited time event is a little more straightforward and kicks off this week as Money Heist goes live on November 20 for all platforms. The event takes players to the Bank map where they will participate in hostage matches with the opportunity to earn any of eight customization unlockables inspired by the Netflix series of the same name. The following day on November 21, a free weekend will kick off on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with sales for the various editions of the base game also going on for up to 70% off.

Check out the trailer for the Money Heist event below, with the event, free weekend and sale all ending on November 25.