Monkey Barrels Bursts onto Steam September 26

Good Feel’s monkey-centric action shooter, Monkey Barrels, will finally make it onto Steam on September 26. Sporting a 3D pixel aesthetic and two playable characters, Monkey Barrels promises players tons of actions as they work to rescue their fellow monkey Kotetsu from Dr. Echizen Crabbenwold.

Monkey Barrels allows players to equip four weapons at the same time as they work to build their “Wild Power” meter. Once that meter is filled, they can let loose their special attack on all enemies unfortunate enough to be in range. Players can mix it up in either the single-player story mode or jump into the online “Banana Scramble” mode for PvP action against up to five other players. The game is already available on Switch and on PC via Epic Game Store and seems to have garnered a positive reputation since its release last year.