Monster Crown Achieves Early Access Success

Monster Crown first hit Kickstarter in 2018 and achieved its goal within a month’s time before finishing up at nine times its initial goal. Today, it was announced that the game has sold more copies in a mere three days on Steam via Early Access than it did throughout its entire Kickstarter run. Studio Aurum and its founder Jason Walsh worked on the game for over four years, and the game’s 89% rating on Steam shows that their hard work has paid off.

The game’s 8 and 16-bit hybrid look beguiles its dark tone, where monsters rule and you have to make deals with them in order to prevent an evil woman from taking over Crown Island. You can choose to either save the island or help lead to its ruin – offering up the ability to fuse with over 200 monsters to create new species and keep things fresh both offline and online. You can pick up Monster Crown now via Steam and save 10% on it until August 7 – taking it down to $13.49 from its normal $14.99 price tag. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Monster Crown as it evolves in Early Access and beyond.