Monster Hunter Rise on PC has no Option for Cross-Saves, Cross-Play at this time

Fans have been excited for Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC for quite some time now, as the port will include enhanced visuals at a 60fps increase for those looking for truly fast paced action. Many were hoping this would also include the ability to bring over saves or play with friends on either system option, but as of right now it seems that won’t be the case. In a recent post from the Monster Hunter twitter they stated that they’re unable to implement the feature at this time although they had been looking into it throughout the development process. This is a huge disappointment for many as some had hoped they wouldn’t have to start over upon getting the PC version, but for now it looks like players will only be able to enjoy the game on their respective systems. It’s hard to say if they’ll end up looking into it further for Sunbreak or simply plan for it in the next major title, but hopefully we do see it included at some point in the future.

Those interested can take a look at the official post below: