Monster Hunter: World May Have Surpassed 10 Million Units Thanks to PC Release

Having already reached a grand total of more than eight million copies sold on consoles when it released earlier this year, the question was not whether Monster Hunter: World would even break ten million when the game finally made its way to PC, but when. Well it looks like Capcom’s runaway 2018 success has made easy work of reaching that target, if the latest statistics from SteamSpy are any indication — statistics claiming that Monster Hunter: World has sold anywhere beaten two and five million copies on PC alone in the five days it’s been available for purchase.

While that is a fairly large margin of error, if true, it would mean that the game has smashed the ten million sold mark over the span of roughly eight months. What’s more, the game has become one of the most active titles in Steam’s history, based on total concurrent player count. Steam Charts claims that Monster Hunter: World is now fourth in the all-time list of both peak players, standing at roughly 330,000 users, with (at the time of writing) a current active player-base of nearly 230,000. Only Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Counter Strike: Global Offensive do better in both camps.

That said, user reviews for the game’s PC port remain fairly mixed with most criticism pointing to the game’s imbalanced optimisation and issues with visual quality at points. Indeed, having played the PC version prior to release, even we stumbled upon a fair number of baffling issues with texture and rendering quality (among other areas), compared to the PS4 release. Let’s hope Capcom can address the issues with the PC release as it’s clear the community there has taken kindly to Monster Hunter: World and perhaps, the series as a whole from hereon. Monster Hunter: World is available across PS4, Xbox One & PC.