Monster Hunter XX Switch Release Date, Bundle, More Revealed

As revealed yesterday, Monster Hunter XX is planned to make its big debut on Switch before the end of the year. During the opening of the Monster Hunter XX Championships, loads of details were given on the many different ways fans should be excited to pick up this release. The announce date was revealed first thing, so players can now officially look forward to picking up Monster Hunter XX for Switch on August 25. They further revealed that data from the previous title, Monster Hunter X and XX are both transferable to the Switch version. Save data will also be transferable at any time between both versions of XX, so players can choose which system they want to play on at any time.

Those without a Switch won’t have to worry about being able to play with their friends who do either, as the title will support cross play between both 3DS and Switch locally and online. They also stated that when docked the title will run at 1080p, and most likely 720p in handheld mode. At the end of the presentation they┬árevealed a brand new Switch bundle that includes the game and a Monster Hunter decorated dock, making it the first official game-themed Switch system.

Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch will be available in Japan on August 25 with no word yet on localization. To get an even better look at the Monster Hunter Switch bundle and what the game looks like on the Switch, check out the images and official trailer below:

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