Monster Jam Steel Titans Now Available on Switch eShop

Monster Jam Steel Titans has been out for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for a while – but now it’s available on the Switch digitally via the eShop. The Monster Jam series has long since lived out the dreams of monster truck fans by providing not only arena-based monster truck competitions but more traditional racing game-style races as well. The bold designs of the trucks themselves remain a lot of fun to see in a game, and games like this finally love up to the goals that many players had when monster truck games were first a thing 25+ years ago. Those seeking something that allows you to not just smash up stuff, but also race and then have trick challenges to win a competition will have a lot of fun with this. If you grew up loving monster trucks and always wanted a game that replicated the fun on TV, then you’ll love Steel Titans. Classic trucks like Gravedigger are featured alongside newer ones. The large-scale version of it would be great on the go – making it a fantastic choice for a release on the Switch.