Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season Kickstarter Campaign Underway

About two and a half years ago, Beautiful Glitch began their Kickstarter campaign for Monster Prom. The twisted multiplayer dating sim took a short while to catch on, but reached its modest €8,000 funding goal in just over a week. By the end of the campaign, it had raised over two hundred percent of that goal. Since then, it has gained quite a huge fandom. How huge, exactly?

Well, the Kickstarter campaign for the sequel, Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season has now begun. And in comparison, it reached its funding goal of €32,230 (the amount raised for the original) in about four hours.

Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season now takes our rather thirsty monster friends on vacation, as the title suggests. It actually involves three games in one, though. There’s Monster Camp, a dating sim like the original, but with new mechanics built around the campfire. Monster Retreat has you siding between Vera and Miranda in an epic snowball fight where you have to recruit allies and learn techniques, culminating in a strategy mini-game. Finally, Monster Roadtrip sees Polly and Scott hitting the road and picking up hitchhikers in a narrative adventure with survival elements.

Of course, there’s going to be more to Monster Prom 2 than what we initially see. The backers will play a key part in helping to craft the game’s elements, such as choosing what love interests, outfits, and minor NPCs make it in. Like before, certain high-tier backers will also get to work and craft major additions, and stretch goals can expand things even further. The first demo even suggests a fourth setting/game isn’t out of the question.

You can learn more about Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season in the trailer below, or check out its Kickstarter page for more details about the game, rewards, and stretch goals. As of the time of writing, the game has raised over 430% of its funding goal and has hit two stretch goals, and shows no signs of slowing down. So it’s safe to say we can expect Monster Prom 2 in 2020 at this point, but every bit helps towards making it the best so that you can be your worst self.