Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Now Available

Two years ago, Beautiful Glitch gave us Monster Prom, a quirky and twisted multiplayer dating sim that quickly gained a ton of praise and a huge fandom. Then just a year (and one expansion) later, they were already working on a sequel. And now, boom, Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is available for PC, ready for you (or you and your friends) to try your lock at finding your summer love…now matter how eccentric they are, to say the least.

Should you need the lowdown on who these eccentric folk are, Moss Mann has you covered with some gossip found in the launch trailer below. In addition to some new potential suitors to go after (including the series’ first non-binary romance option, Milo), the game also features a new gossip mechanic to help and hinder your friends, special drinks to order that can put a twist on things, and over fifty characters, three hundred and fifty events, and twenty endings to discover. And if that’s not enough, you still have even more sequels to look out for soon….