Monster Prom Finishes Its Kickstarter Campaign With Over €32,000

The twisted, monstrous, and funny multiplayer dating sim Monster Prom ended its Kickstarter campaign after a month, proving itself to be quite the surprise hit. Aside from loads of fan art of the game’s characters coming in from supporters (which developers Beautiful Glitch were happy to share over the likes of Twitter), the campaign raised just over €32,000 in the end, quadrupling its original €8,000 goal. Needless to say, the devs were overjoyed in their latest update.

This windfall means that Monster Prom has reached all of its stretch goals as well, including more secret endings, extra items to unlock more plotlines, NPCs with subplots, and more love interests for future DLC. Beautiful Glitch now plans on posting regular updates concerning its development at least once a month, and as mentioned last time, Monster Prom should be due out next year if everything goes well.

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