Monster Train Receives Free “Wild Mutations” DLC

So Shiny Shoe’s deck-building roguelike strategy Monster Train can probably be called one of the year’s biggest hits by now, with ourselves even saying that it “excels in being insanely addictive,” among other things. So what could possibly made this tough-as-nails train ride through a frozen Hell even better? Well, with the free “Wild Mutations” DLC available now, we have a definitive answer. And that answer to how to make things better, as seen in the trailer below, would be…an addition that allows you to give every unit in the game googly eyes. ALL OF THEM. Sheer genius.

Oh, and the update also adds thirty-five new Mutators that you can use to affect gameplay in all modes, fifteen Expert Challenges to tackle, featured Community Challenges, unlockable card mastery frames, and a bunch of several balance changes to help smooth things out even more, sure. But googly eyes, people. GOOGLY EYES. That’s Game of the Year material right there, dammit, so grab Monster Train on PC now in order to experience this new wonder.