Moose Life Stampedes Onto PS4 with PSVR Support

It’s hard to overestimate how powerful a moose is.  Even the smaller ones average over 6 feet at the shoulder, and that doesn’t take into account the mass of its head plus the body trailing along behind.  They’re fairly mellow despite this, although being wild animals it’s always a good idea to stay away if you see one, especially seeing as it would hardly notice the squishy human underfoot if it needed to charge on by.  This doesn’t even take into account the lasers, which they use to clear a pair of endless parallel recursive planes of the many different enemies drifting over their surfaces.

Moose Life came out on PC last August and for several months that’s been the only way to play it.  As of today, though, it’s been released on PS4 and is exactly the same voxel-shattery arcade trip that it was last summer.  You get to be a moose firing more bullets than would seem possible, traveling down the planes while flipping between top and bottom as needed to shoot enemies or avoid their firepower.  Powerups appear at a regular rate, but so do new enemies and the wrinkles they add to the gameplay so there’s rarely a chance to settle down.  For more see last August’s review, but the short version is this is a combination of pure Llamasoft tripiness and arcade action at its most inviting.  The game plays just as nicely on a flat screen as it does in VR, so while it’s a real treat to see the voxel-shatter fly around your head and soak in its 3D patterns it’s not necessary, and those playing on a flat tv have just as good a chance at landing on the scoring table as those with a fancy headset.  The important part is that it’s new Llamasoft, and that would be reason for fireworks by itself if the game didn’t provide them for you.