More Details Revealed for Pokémon Masters Mobile Game

Last month the Pokémon Company held a press conference to announce some future projects. One of which is called Pokémon Masters which is a mobile game we got to see briefly. It features various characters from the Pokémon series to both battle against and alongside in 3v3 gameplay. Now, a special video for the title has revealed plenty of new details.

An animated begins with different gym leaders, trainers and Elite Four members battling it out. Sync Pairs are the trainer and Pokémon combo featuring familiar faces from past games. We are also introduced to new antagonists. Pokémon can defend their teammates during battle as it’s part of the strategy. Make your moves as soon as possible by either attacking as a Pokémon or providing support as the trainer. Earning badges appears to be the goal on your journey to becoming the best team in the region.

It was all basically a short tease of what’s to come but watching the trailer below will get you hyped! Currently, Pokémon Masters will launch for Android and iOS devices this summer.