More Hoenn Pokémon Added to Pokémon GO

For the last few months we have gotten a trickle of Gen III Pokémon to find. Today, Pokémon GO received even more to complete our PokéDex. Pokémon GO is slowly but surely allowing trainers to actually catch’em all.

The latest round of Hoenn region Pokémon includes 23 total Pokémon with many Rock and Ground-types. Little cuties such as Baltoy, Trapinch and Aron have been added. Behemoths like Aggron and Camerupt are also now obtainable. In addition to these Pokémon, eggs hatched during a limited time will have a Hoenn-exclusive inside!

While this all may not seem like much, it’ll definitely get players back out there for another round. Get up and GO play Pokémon GO!