More Information on Splatoon 2 Pearl and Marina amiibo Revealed

Splatoon 2 continues to release all kinds of content. The Octo Expansion is the latest and comes with a whole new storyline and single player levels. But hold on, some more stuff is on the way in the form of amiibo!

Pearl and Marina, the two main characters of the game, are receiving their own amiibo. Figures for Off the Hook, as they are known, were officially shown off months ago but now we are getting more details on what they can do. Using them will unlock gear based on their Octo Expansion appearances. You can also go into photo mode and take pictures on their stage. Finally, they include alternate themes and effects in the mini-game Squid Beatz.

Pearl and Marina are releasing on July 13 which is soon! Back at E3, three other amiibo were revealed but we still have yet to hear about what they are capable of. Stay tuned for future updates on them!