More than 120 Games are Currently Planned for Google Stadia in 2020

Google today revealed that more than 120 games are tracking for release on Google Stadia this year.

Google Stadia’s launch was rough. From a technical perspective, the platform serves as a worthy tech demo for cloud gaming. From a platform perspective, however, Stadia fell flat. Much of that had to deal with the games lineup. On paper, the launch lineup wasn’t terrible and filled with plenty of AAA games. The problem stemmed from the fact that many of the titles have been available on other platforms for months if not years. It’s a problem that Google is tackling head-on in 2020.

In a new community post, Google revealed that 120 games are planned for the platform this year. These titles include Marvel’s Avengers, Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal, and Watch Dogs: Legion among others.

More importantly, Google is actively attempting to tackle the lack of exclusives problem. At launch, Gylt was the only Stadia exclusive, and that game will likely launch on other platforms once it’s exclusivity window ends. Well, it looks like Google has more timed-exclusives lined up. A total of 10 will launch on the platform in the first half of 2020. Google did not reveal what these titles are.

Games are just the starting point, as Google intends to enhance the overall Stadia experience. Players can expect support for 4K gaming, further assistant functionality, and wireless gameplay with the Stadia Controller on the web. Support for additional Android Phones will also begin rolling out. Unfortunately, still no word on iOS support.

Google Stadia is currently available, but only through the purchase of the Stadia Premiere Edition. A free version launches sometime this year.

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