More Updates for Mutant Football League 2 Revealed

Digital Dreams Entertainment has revealed some new updates for its upcoming Mutant Football League 2. The original game has continued to receive roster updates and new teams, but the development team, which is based out of Kyiv, has been working the best it can on Mutant Football League 2. One major focus that comes from lead designer Michael Mendheim is character customization. The entire character model system has been redesigned as players will have different hair and skin tones along with different armor sets and sizes. The player sizes start small with Rookie/Scrub and then progress to Pro, All-Pro, All-Star and finally Legend. Players can wear earrings, glasses, hats and have tattoos and arms and faces.

Dynasty Mode will be getting a new name with Dynasty Supreme (subject to change). The entire league structure will be overhauled as a two-league system will be incorporated. This offers both a Pro and Minor league option as users will start in the Minors then progress to the Pros. The Minors include weaker, less successful teams and offer 16 teams with a 13-game schedule and a 3-round playoff bracket. The four teams in the Minors who play for the championship will progress to the Pros. Meanwhile, the Pros will have a 17-game season with a bye week and a 4-round playoff bracket. The four teams with the worst record will drop to the Minors. Currently, the aim for the release of the game is slated for late this summer.