Mortal Shell Beta Coming to PC, New Gameplay Revealed

Mortal Shell, an upcoming entry into the soulslike genre, will be holding a closed beta on PC next month. From July 3 to July 10, fans eager to get some hands-on time with the game will have the opportunity to put two shells through their paces. Two locations, “Fallgrim” and the “Crypt of Martyrs”, will be available to explore, and players will be able to dispatch their enemies using either the Hallowed Sword or Hammer & Chisel weapons.

For those unaware, Mortal Shell is a game that’s very similar in construct to the soulsborne games. Combat is fast and brutal, and the enemies often have an awful menace about them. There are plenty of differences already making themselves know in the footage though, the most prominent being the “shells” mechanic. See, the player’s character is some sort of featureless being capable of inhabiting the bodies of fallen warriors. In doing so, it takes-on the dead warriors skills and knowledge and using them to destroy its enemies. Each shell’s capabilities are different, so it’s likely players will have to choose carefully when deciding which one to use.

Those interested in trying out Mortal Shell early should either join the official discord channel or sign up on the game’s email list. Mortal Shell doesn’t have a release date yet, so this might be the only chance at playing ti for awhile.