Mother 4 Fan Game Rebranded As Oddity

Well, here’s one that hasn’t popped up in a long while. Way back in 2013, a team of developers announced that they were working on their own fan-made sequel to Nintendo’s famous Mother series, titled Mother 4. By 2015, though, they were experiencing countless delays, yet were still committed to the project. Then in 2017, after noticing the various DMCA takedowns of other Nintendo-based fan projects like AM2R, the team decided to rebrand it as an original title. And now we finally get to see this new version of the game, now going by the moniker of Oddity, as revealed in the teaser below.

Set in the 1970s, Oddity tells us the tale of Travis Fields and his friends. Well, his friends and a criminal biker. Strange stuff is happening, people are disappearing, and a secret society called The Modern Men is up to no good. So it’s up to our ragtag group of young heroes to save the day. And just like we’ve seen before with this project, this trip will involve some unique locales, cool pixel art, and what looks like fun combat. Oddity won’t be come out until its ready, but it certainly looks to hopefully be worth the wait.