Move or Die Finally Comes to PlayStation 4 in March

After three years and several missed deadlines, Move or Die is finally coming to PlayStation 4 on March 5. Those Awesome Guys have released a brand new trailer for the occasion, and they definitely don’t waste any time dancing around the issues. They messed up; they know it, and they’re making things right next month.

Move or Die is a four-player party game where players compete in mini-games that change every twenty seconds. Players take their friends on in all manner of modes including the likes of “Jump Shot,” “Chainsaw Backstab” and “Rocket Run.” One must be careful though, as the developers warn that its a game that does its best to ruin friendships.

The PlayStation 4 release will feature both local and online play, all the updates made to the game over the last three years and daily challenges for players to take on. It’s more or less an up-to-date port of the PC version aside from features that don’t typically see support on consoles.

Move or Die launches for PlayStation 4 on March 5. Check out our review to see if this is a game worth ruining a few friendships for.

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