MSI Announces Latest 12th Gen Intel Laptops

MSI is jumping in with the latest current technologies for its 2022 laptops. These laptops are also certified “Meta-Ready” with meeting the requirements on the CPU and GPU. Users can expect the latest Intel 12th Generation in the MSI lineup that includes the Stealth, Raider, Vector, CROSSHAIR, Pulse or Creator series. These will specifically offer the i9-12900H with DDR5 RAM with speeds of 4800MHz. Meanwhile, some of the Creator series along with the Katana and Sword series will include an i7-12700H with DDR4 RAM at 3200MHz.

Performance will increase across the board on all these models and MSI adds to this with its Phase-Change Liquid Metal pad that is used for cooling. When the internals reach 58 degrees celsius, the liquid metal pad melts to fill the gaps between the CPU and the thermal block. This allows for the heat to transfer more efficiently than traditional thermal pastes and liquid metal solutions. This allows for a 10% performance increase under load, and that doesn’t include the gains that will be seen with the latest technologies.

The 2022 MSI laptops will also include the latest mobile GPU’s from NVIDIA. These include the RTX 3080 Ti and the RTX 3070 Ti. This will allow for not only Ray Tracing in games but also the latest DLSS technology to help gamers achieve higher frame rates. MSI’s latest AI software can further performance or find the right balance for battery and sound. This software will adapt to the current situation and what is happening on the laptop. You can watch the MSI Gameverse stream at CES 2022 here.