MSI Main Stage Action Starts May 10

The main event for the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational starts May 10.

If you’re behind the curve you may be wondering why the big teams haven’t seen any action yet. Well that all ends come this Wednesday when the first match of the Main Stage takes place between SKT T1 and G2 eSports.

May 10 will be filled with Main Stage action as the teams try to get seeding for the knockout stage that will start May 19. If you’ve been partially paying attention this is the part of of the tournament that should catch your interest and we’ll get to see how the big international teams fare against each other early in the season. Gives every team points they need to improve on heading into the split before Worlds.

Interested in seeing some of the matchups? Check them out here. After the final Play-In stage action today more should be filled in.