Multi-Tier Build Your Own Easter Bundle Hits Fanatical

A new multi-tier Fanatical bundle has launched in time for Easter and it offers up some incredible value for the dollar. This allows you to get one game for $1, five games for $2.99, or 10 games for $4.99 – and there are some real gems offered up here. Available games to choose from include Blazing Chrome, Thief of Thieves Season One, N++, Sydney Hunter, KUNAI, Midustry, Party Hard 2, Intruders, Kill It With Fire, PANG Adventures, Cat Lady, Beholder 1 and 2, Shattered Planet, Jalopy, The Battle of Polytopia, They Bleed Pixels, Moon Hunters, Driftland, Radio Commander, and Automachef.

The best games offered up here are Sydney Hunter, N++, Blazing Chrome, KUNAI, and Party Hard 2. There isn’t a bad game in the lot and if you want something with a ton of variety, PANG Adventures is well-worth checking out. Blazing Chrome is honestly one of the best run and gun shooters of all-time and probably the best overall game in the bundle.