Muramasa Reborn on Vita

Muramasa: The Demon Blade (one of the most criminally under appreciated games on the Wii)  was the spiritual successor to Odin Sphere (one of the most criminally under appreciated games on the PS2).  Luckily for individuals who missed out on the Wii title, Muramasa is being updated, upgraded, and re-released on the Vita as Muramasa Rebirth, where it will surely become one of the most under appreciated games on that system as well.

Those afraid that this will just be a lazy port of the Wii version can put those fears aside, as Aksys Games appears to be releasing the definitive version of Muramasa. It will have all the things people loved about the original, including beautiful, hand drawn visuals and two unique stories following either the possessed princess Momohime or amnesiac ninja Kisuke. However, this game also promises enhanced controls, a complete relocalization in English, and four new exclusive DLC scenarios featuring four new playable characters. The fact that these cost extra and do not come with the base package is mildly disappointing, but all the new content makes this an intriguing purchase even for individuals who already own the original.

This is great news for Vita owners,  there hasn’t exactly been a flood of high quality exclusive titles that justify running out and buying it lately.  Muramasa Rebirth might just be what the system needs, and hopefully we’ll have more news shortly about the title, which has a tentative release date of June 25 this year.


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