Murder and Kitties Coming Soon as The Good Life Gets a Release Date

Somewhere in an idealized corner of the English countryside is the small village of Rainy Woods.  It’s a cozy little place, the kind kids move away from and adults want to get back to, and it’s also got more than its share of secrets.  At night the residents all turn into cats or dogs, which seems to be at odds with Rainy Woods’ reputation as being “The happiest town in the world”.  Or maybe being able to turn into a responsibility-free animal at night is why it’s such a happy place; it’s all part of the mystery.  Photojournalist Naomi Hayward is on assignment in Rainy Woods to cover the town and open up its mysteries, but instead of an observer she’s become a participant, turning into a cat or dog (player’s choice) and using their abilities to get to the bottom of things, especially the inevitable murder.

The Good Life is a combination narrative-based adventure and social simulator, where you can balance life in the town with pursuit of its mysteries in whatever combination feels best.  The initial fundraising campaign was on Fig way back in 2017, and when that didn’t make it the game went on to have a successful Kickstarter that wrapped up on May 4, 2018.  Since then development has moved along at the standard pace for a game of this scope, and now it’s just about ready for release.  The Good Life launches on all platforms on October 15- PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.  In the meantime there’s a lovely new trailer to show the weirdness to come, so give it a watch below.