Mutant Football League Smashes onto Consoles on January 19

If you’re getting a little sick of Madden and need some fun and over-the-top football, Mutant Football League will hit January 19 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The spiritual successor to EA’s 1993 Mutant League Football, players will be able to choose from 18 different teams. While the original game had teams that mimicked the real NFL teams such as the Forty-Whiners, Mutant Football League will have teams such as Skeletal Deadheads, Armored Bruiserbots, Criminal Aliens, Mutated Humans, and Monstrous Orcs. Most importantly, Mutant Football League features legendary voice-over actor Tim Kitzrow, who is best known for his work in the original NBA Jam games. The game will include expletive language that can be turned off at the discretion of players.

The in-game mechanics will include brass-knuckle punches, steel-toed kicks, hand grenades, clubs, battle axes and chainsaws. This will allow for exploding body parts and comically horrific deaths. Refs can be bribed in the game, as well. Along with 18 teams comes 18 unique playfields that are filled with traps and hazards. These include things such as landmines, buzz saws and even lava (the floor is lava!). Mutant Football League will contain a full season schedule that leads to The Mayhem Bowl. Players can also compete one-on-one online or with four-player couch multiplayer. The game is developed by Digital Dreams Entertainment and is currently available on Steam.