Mutant Football League’s AccuPrediction Software Predicts Mayhem Bowl LIII Winner

As a parody to Madden NFL 19 and its Super Bowl prediction trailer, the team over at Digital Dreams Entertainment has used precision software to predict the winner of Mayhem Bowl LIII. The parody teams of the Patriots and Rams in Mutant Football League are the Nuke London Hatriots and the Los Scandalous Damned. The AccuPrediction software predicted a 27-25 overtime victory for the Hatriots. You can watch the recap of the game in the video below.

Digital Dreams Entertainment also has some news to coincide with the simulation. It is teaming with Esports Labs to run two Mutant Football League esports tournaments on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Mayhem Bowl Massacre will be held on February 2 will be a tournament that features a high death index rating, which allows players on the field to be eliminated by death and ultimately wither your team down to monsters off the street. The second tournament will run the entire month of February. Dynasty King offers players competition at a relaxed pace as they become GM and Coach of their own MFL team and go head-to-head against others to build the richest franchise. The player with the highest revenue on February 28 will be crowned champion. Oh, and there are cash prizes totaling $1500 on the line.

Lastly, to celebrate the Super Mayhem Bowl festivities, players can now digitally purchase the LA Power Pack DLC for $1.99. This gives the player two new teams (Los Scandalous Damned, Los Scandalous Volts), along with a new stadium shared by both (Los Scandalous Shake N Bake Arena). Mutant Cyborgs are also part of this pack as they are described as survivors of Monsatan’s dreaded super plague outbreak which ravaged the planet a century ago.

Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition is currently on sale up to 35% off across all platforms. This will last through February 5. It is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both digitally and physically and is also available digitally on Steam. You can read our review of the game here.