Mutant Soap Opera Adventure Mutazione Announced

Danish developers Die Gute Fabrik certain have a reputation for some rather quirky games, as evidenced by titles such as Where is my Heart? and Johann Sebastian Joust. And now we have their latest quirky yet highly promising game to look out for, Mutazione. It’s a graphic adventure game, one that cites the likes of Twin Peaks and Deep Space Nine as inspirations. Oh, and it just so happens to be a soap opera involving a town full of mutants. Because why not?

Well, okay, there is the fact that it makes for a highly interesting setting. Mutazione takes place in a world where a century has passed after a giant meteor struck a tropical holiday resort. Our protagonist Kai now heads to the secluded town to visit their ailing grandfather, and very quickly does her week-long stay quickly turn into a mysterious journey full of secrets. Said journey involves a cast of colorful characters, both literally and figuratively. Kai will get to know them and hear the town’s tales, while engaging in side activities such as growing musical plants. As seen in the trailer below, it looks to be quite the eye-catching game, in both narrative and aesthetics. Mutazione is due out later this year for PC and PS4, and will be showcased at PAX East this month, so check it out then.