Mystery Pokémon Revealed for Sword and Shield

It was just last week that the official Pokémon website was seemingly hacked with a mysterious, glitchy Pokémon. Now, a new announcement has officially revealed said Pokémon! Sword and Shield are coming in just two months but there is still plenty more to discover.

Sirfetch’d is the evolved form of Farfetch’d. Farfetch’d from the Galar region can turn into this pure Fighting-type Pokémon. We can see from the short video below that it is one not to be taken lightly. There is no nonsense with Sirfetch’d as it wields a leek lance with powerful consequences. It has a signature attack called Meteor Assault which is strong but comes at the cost of being unable to move afterwards. Also, Sirfetch’d is exclusive to the Sword version of the game. Perhaps the evolution of another oldie will be available only in Shield.

Even though we only received news for a single Pokémon, it is still exciting to learn. Stay tuned for more Sword and Shield news before the games launch on November 15.