Mysterious ‘Zero Escape 3’ Aksys Teaser Site Begins Counting Down

Few things in this industry are as frustrating as cryptic countdown sites. With no more information than a bar of a numbers, fans have been forced to delve into the depths of the internet in order to chip away at the secrets. A big clue has been uploaded today, however, as the site which originally simply had the numbers “0303” has now counted down to “0302”.

Check out the updated image below:

askys countdown site

Although Aksys shared the link itself, Rising Star Games has (kinda) confirmed their involvement by tossing a resounding “yes” at “do you know something about this?” It’s not much to go by, but a curiousĀ Redditor has already exposed several hidden images that further the possibility of a Zero Escape 3.

Check those out below:

Aksys-4infinity-Teaser-Site_A-600x69 Aksys-4infinity-Teaser-Site_B-600x89
Scope the website here. Does this excite? Are you annoyed? Let us know.