Namco’s Dark Escape 4D Completely Sold Out

Dark Escape 4D has had a fantastic past few months. After winning IAAPA’s “Brass Ring Award for Best New Product” in the arcade category, signifying the game with the most creativity and originality, quite a buzz was stirred in the industry. So much so that orders were overwhelming — enough that the entire production run is now sold out. It’s rare in this day and age that an arcade game sells out, so this is certainly an accomplishment for Namco’s latest game. The company had previously stated hope for every Dave & Busters to feature it, so if such plans did indeed come to fruition, they undoubtedly helped the sell out.

Lines were reported to be consistently long enough to play the game at IAAPA that time limits had to be imposed, boding well for its reception with the general public. Dark Escape 4D cabinets come complete with a heart rate monitor, rear air blasters to simulate zombie lunges and spine chills, rumble seats, heavy recoil guns, 5.1 surround sound and, of course, 3D HD graphics.

Dark Escape 4D Brochure