Naughty Dog Clarifies Multiplayer Plans for The Last of Us Part II

Earlier this week during the latest State of Play, Naughty Dog finally unveiled a new look at the highly anticipated sequel and also provided a release date for the title as well.

On the same day, a media event was held that allowed select press members to go hands-on with The Last of Us Part II and interview some of the developers. While all of the playable content was part of the singleplayer campaign, speculation began to arise from the event that Naughty Dog would not be including a follow-up to its fan-favorite multiplayer mode Factions from the first game. Last night, Naughty Dog took to social media to fully explain the situation, sharing that while The Last of Us: Part II will ship as an exclusively singleplayer title due to the size and scope of the campaign, the online team has been hard at work on an updated multiplayer experience and will share more regarding it “when it’s ready.” Although the multiplayer for Uncharted 3 was eventually released as a stand-alone free-to-play title after the main game’s launch, Naughty Dog has not yet released an original exclusively multiplayer game, so it will be intriguing to see how this online component is shared with the rest of the world.

The Last of Us Part II will be released exclusively on PS4 on February 21.

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