NBA 2K20 Adds New Shoe to MyPLAYER Nation Mode

For those that are all about customizing MyPLAYER in NBA 2K20, there is a new shoe for you. The Kobe V Protro ‘Chaos’ GE is being offered as a reward for beating his record of 42 points in MyPLAYER Nation. This will last from December 26 at 7 A.M. PST to January 2. Unlocking the shoes also give players the opportunity to purchase the new shoe directly through the Nike SNKRS App. This gamer exclusive program comes as a result of a partnership between Nike and NBA 2K to release limited edition sneakers upon the completion of in-game challenges throughout the NBA season. NBA 2K20 players will need to link their 2K account with a Nike account and download the Nike SNKRS App, as the shoes won’t be available for direct purchase from Nike without completing the in-game challenge. The physical shoes are only available while supplies last.

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