NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition Coming Soon to Apple Arcade

Apple has unleashed a new title in the Coming Soon section of Apple Arcade – the latest iteration of the NBA 2K Arcade Edition series. These lighter-weight versions of NBA 2K are fantastic for those looking to just enjoy a faster incarnation of the game with fewer modes, but also a lot less bloat when it comes to menus and the UI. Apple Arcade games lack in-app purchases, making the NBA 2K experience feel different right away since the focus is purely on the game of basketball – and it’s a fun one.

It allows you to enjoy regulation court fun alongside street ball and even lets you act as a GM in Association mode. MyCareer is still featured as well and lets you create a player and tell their story on and off the court. The Arcade Edition is something that 2K excels at and it’s great for more casual NBA fans or those who just want to dip their toes in the water with a basketball game every so often. I’m very much like that and don’t mind a game of 2K basketball every now and then, but the bloat of the menus makes it a pain – and a lighter-weight experience like this is perfect for me. It would cool to see 2K extend this kind of experience to other franchises, like PGA and WWE as well.