NBA Live 19 Demo Available Now

EA Sports has released the NBA Live 19 demo for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The download weighs in at around 19 GB. The demo packs quite a bit of content. For players of THE ONE, you can go ahead and create your player and even customize a court with the Court Creator. Once you play two games of THE RISE, you will unlock the NBA Play Now and WNBA Play Now. Teams available for the NBA are the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics (Probably because Lebron bolted, who wants to play as the Cavs?). As for the WNBA, you can play as the Los Angeles Spars and Minnesota Lynx. There is also 15 Live Events available for play. Created players can also reach level 20 using Grind Currency during the demo, with your player maxing out at level 99 in the full game. NBA Live 19 launches September 7.