NBA Live 20 Delayed Until Q4 2019

While 2K has announced that they have a partnership with the biggest name of the future in the NBA, EA went the opposite direction. EA has announced that it is delaying NBA Live 20. At this point last year, there was full on gameplay and even a demo to this point. NBA Live 20 wasn’t available at E3 2019 and nothing was mentioned about it. There was a roster update on July 19th, which is strange for a sports game that is a year old and the sport already had its league’s entry draft.

While both of the last NBA Live titles have been really enjoyable, sales faltered. Each NBA Live game went toe-to-toe with 2K and even being offered for a lesser price, would see sales within a week of launch. Both games eventually would hit the $10 price by the time the Holidays hit. EA is going a different direction and it may simply be holding off until October to launch the game. EA has cancelled NBA Live games in the past. No marketing or cover athlete has even been announced for NBA Live 20, which brings up the question if it’ll even see the light of day.