NBA Player Gets Traded, News Station Scrounges Image From Video Game

Troy Daniels had a rough day. News broke that he was being traded from the Houston Rockets (possible NBA title contender) to the Minnesota Timberwolves (possible rec. center team that has snuck into the NBA without anyone noticing). It is hard for any athlete to go from contender to irrelevance like this so quickly, and a local FOX affiliate certainly didn’t make things better when they reported the news.

Daniels called in to Fox 26 (KRIV) to give an interview about his departure, and several Twitter users noticed something strange about the accompanying image.

troy daniels 2

Either the resolution is just worse down in Houston or some intern pulled an image from the latest NBA 2K title and somehow nobody on staff noticed. At least they didn’t pull an image of Master Chief I guess, because judging by this the station manager would’ve probably assumed that was Troy Daniels in his away uniform. That image isn’t even in the first couple of pages of Google image search results, so this has to be at least somewhat intentional.

Poor Troy Daniels. First he gets traded away to a barren NBA wasteland, and then later that same day he finds out he isn’t even a real person. Somebody get this guy a 1-UP. He could probably use it.

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