Neko Ghost, Jump! Hops Into Early Access

There are 2D platformers and 3D ones, and even 2.5D to add a bit of depth while keeping the action focused, but generally it’s going to be one or the other.  Neko Ghost, Jump!, on the other hand, refuses to be bound to a single perspective and grants the player the ability to switch between side and forward-scrolling views to clear a path through the puzzle-platforming levels.  The dog-pirates have attacked the peaceful cat planet and somehow knocked the ghost of the hero-kitty loose, so now he’s got to tear after the pirate ship while figuring out the most efficient path through the multi-dimensional levels.

There are two primary game mechanics in Neko Ghost, Jump!- the switch between 2D and 3D plus the kitty’s ability to change to attack mode in ghost form.  The 2D/3D switch changes the side-view levels to a forward-view perspective, which also has the effect of making the neatly-organized blocks have a completely different configuration.  From the side a four-block stack is an obstacle you can’t jump over, but when looking forward into the distance you can now see that it’s a staircase running left to right.  Each level is designed around puzzles using the perspective switch, and it doesn’t take long for interesting shortcuts to open up when using both views plus the long-jump ability.  The other major skill is turning into a ghost, which has an attack ability the standard corporeal form lacks.  Both forms can take damage, though, and the ghost form can be especially vulnerable due to the cat’s physical body just lying there defenseless in the level as its spirit clears out the enemies.

While simply getting to the end of the level is a fun all-ages challenge, Neko Ghost, Jump! is designed with replay in mind with a strong focus on time attack.  The first run through an area is for exploration, figuring out puzzles and collecting coins, and if that’s all you need to be happy then it’s off to the next level to do it again.  If, on the other hand, the end-of-level results leave you thinking you could do better, you can chase after the most efficient route, collecting coins to knock valuable seconds off the timer while figuring out which pickups are worth a detour and which are best left behind.

Neko Ghost, Jump! released into Early Access today with most of its content ready to go.  There are new levels coming to wrap up the game, more polish to be applied to the existing areas, and story bits to round out the adventure, but it’s already a good-sized chunk of game with over 30 levels of content.  The new trailer shows off the mechanics and kitty-customization options, and there’s a free demo on Steam as well.  There’s a good amount of super-cute and likeable kitty action plus some nice platforming puzzles on the cat planet, so give it a watch below.