NEOGEO X Sold Out Almost Everywhere

Those waiting to pre-order the NEOGEO X or planning to pick it up in stores may soon be out of luck. Set to debut in a little less than three weeks, the limited edition console has sold out at almost every major retailer. The console is officially out of stock at Amazon and GameStop, while the listing has been removed all together from Toys”R”Us and Walmart. Luckily, the console went back up for pre-order at Target yesterday and a new, available, listing at Best Buy was added today. While it’s not guaranteed either of them will follow-through, those interested in the console should probably lock pre-orders in to avoid dealing with scalpers later on eBay.

Those wanting extra controllers would be keen to snag those as well, as they have also gone out of stock quickly at most retailers.

It’s amazing that a console based on near-twenty-year-old games that some questioned the interest of would sell out weeks ahead of its launch. Proof that retro gaming isn’t dead and the NEOGEO may be more loved than once thought.