Neon Nightmares Update Available for Killing Floor 2

A few years back we thoroughly enjoyed Killing Floor 2 and since then there have been several additions for fans to experience. Yet another update is available for the game and it’s got plenty of grotesque fun. Neon Nightmares released today, here’s a rundown on what’s been added.

Neon Nightmares introduces a new location, Biolapse, an abandoned Horzine laboratory which is crawling with Zeds. A couple of new weapons have been added as well (some requiring payment). The HRG Incendiary Rifle is available for Firebugs which fires rounds and grenades that can leave a nasty burn. The Compound Bow can be used by Sharpshooters which has a Sharp and Cryo arrow with different effects.

It’s great to see the updates continue after so long. Check out the launch trailer for Neon Nightmares below for a look at the action.