Neptune, Have Mercy is an Underwater Extraplanetary Metroidvania

Anyone remember the movie Ice Pirates?  Water is a super-scarce commodity in the universe and commands a healthy black market price?  Yeah, no.  Water is everywhere out there, from comets to moons and planets, plus we can create water from hydrogen and oxygen with fairly simple tech, so long as you’re careful of the fireball.  There’s oceans of water out in the universe, and anything could be lurking in their depths.

Neptune, Have Mercy takes place in the submerged ocean of Neptune’s moon Triton, and you’ve got an upgradeable submarine to explore its 2D procedurally-generated side-view caverns, catalog the creatures that live there, and fight off the ones that view you as a tasty snack.  It’s a dark, deep, unknown world down there filled with Triton-only-knows what kind of hazards, and you get to experience them all with only a thin sheet of metal between you and the crushing pressure outside the hull.  Each game will be a new run into Triton’s oceans, with the Kickstarter campaign describing it as a combination of FTL and Insansely Twisted Shadow Planet seasoned by Ecco the Dolphin.  The specifics are a bit scarce at the moment, but it looks like you’ll start with a basic submarine and scavenge minerals to upgrade it on preset hard-points, choosing where on the hull the grabbing-arm goes and how the guns get configured.  Hopefully this isn’t so rogue-like that there’s no save points, because it sounds like a run could take longer than would be comfortable in a single sitting.

The Kickstarter is coming along slowly and could use some love, which is odd because Neptune, Have Mercy has a reasonable goal and looks fantastic.  It’s got a murky but clean look thanks to a nice touch of what looks like cel shading, and the video gives a great sense of tension.  They’ve addressed the “minerals look giant compared to the sub” issue in a recent campaign update, and have even managed to clear Steam’s Greenlight in only nine days.  Everything about the game appears fantastic, so check out the Kickstarter and see just how much better than Ice Pirates it looks.