NERF Legends Now Available on Consoles, PC

There aren’t many family-friendly first-person shooter games on the market – but NERF Legends is now available to add one that can be enjoyed by anyone in the family. Players will be able to choose from a wide variety of playable characters as they go to battle with a slew of robot foes and their bosses. The futuristic sci-fi setting allows it to stand out for a family-friendly game and users will be able to enjoy 15 authentic NERF blasters while also being able to tailor their look to match their style.

Darts are used to help the player get an edge quickly and high-speed traversal is part of the core game with trampolines and accelerators placed around the world to send them flying throughout the game. NERF Legends is available now in both physical and digital forms for the Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles – while PC users can enjoy it digitally via Steam.

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